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So, a mate recently gave me a reprint of a 1920's Meanea saddle catalogue at the beginning of which are some reproduction Meanea advertising photo cards from the early 1880's. The catalogue, cards and the Cheyenne Saddle book show 4 different styles of saddle pocket.

The photo cards begin with a price list calling Meanea the sucessor to Gallatin. The Cheyenne saddle book has an identical price list in a different type face without mention of Gallatin at all, my guess then, considering the identical prices is that the Cheyenne Saddle list is shortly after the photo card list and that the cards are immediately after the shop transferred from Gallatin to Meanea.. In "The Cheyenne Saddle" the earliest mention of Meanea being paid for saddle work instead of Gallatin is 1881 so I would have to guess that the photo cards are from about 1880 to 1885 ish.

Pocket styles, the photo cards show 2 styles of pockets. Both styles have squareish bottoms and semi beavertail flaps like the earlier Gallatin pockets. One set is designed to hang straight down, the other set is angled at the joint in the centre to make the pockets hang foreward like those of an '59 Mac military saddle.

A saddle purchased in the mid 1880's and shown in the Cheyenne Saddle book carries ordinary round bottommed, round flapped straight down bags while the catalogue from the 1920's advertises round bottommed, round flapped pockets angled at the joint to hang backwards with the bottom of the pockets angled towards the back corners of the saddle skirts.

I have never seen the squareish Meanea pockets before anywhere on auction sites etc but I have seen the back angled round pockets advertised with C1880 dates. I do not believe the back angled pockets were that early but can't argue with a 1920's date on them.
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